Meet Mirelle

Hello! I’m Mirelle. If you’re having trouble pronouncing my name, it rhymes with Pharrell (as in Williams… as in Clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth!). I am a fine art photographer based in San Diego that has the pleasure of traveling worldwide for work!

I am an Arkansas born, San Diego raised, Santa Barbara educated Filipino-American with a French and Scottish name. In 2008 I married my husband Patrick, ‘the best one of the best ones’ (our wedding song by Dashboard Confessional). We have two kids, Riley Adair (6) and Trent Rivers (3). We’re on a quest to show our kids different parts of the world and learn about different cultures. We are frequently on the road, and always seem to have sand in our car! Aside from photography, I also love anything with Nutella, colorful textiles, art museums, reading books that make me feel all the feelings, and loads of coffee and tea.

My clients are people that desire to be photographed in real time, with real emotions. They put their trust in me to quickly capture moments of joy that others may not notice. These clients seek honest, romantic images and aren’t afraid to get a little vulnerable in the process.

On the technical side, I photograph with Canon professional digital equipment and prime lenses, as well as a number of medium format film cameras. My favorite cameras are the Contax 645 and Hasselblad 500c/m.

Your wedding will have an exclusive story – a blend of significant instances, fleeting moments, and beauty that is enduring. It is my goal to photograph your wedding in the form of timeless images full of light, color, and emotion. My style is both journalistic and editorial – capturing unexpected moments while also composing creative and interesting portraits. I want my clients to relive their wedding through their photographs, and treasure them as family heirlooms. Thank you for considering me as your wedding photographer.

xo, Mirelle