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When I was on Oahu in January, my dear friend Ashley (of Ashley Stuart Goodwin Photography) joined Patrick and I for an afternoon of island exploration and film shooting with our Contax 645 film cameras. Ashley was kind enough to model for me and I am so pleased with how these photographs came out!

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Oahu Portrait Photography by Oahu Wedding Photographer and Hawaii Destination Wedding Photographer Mirelle Carmichael.



Jenny Owens

I love the beautiful tones and colour of film, and love her nails!

Wendy Laurel

gorgeous photos and Im laughing because Ashley holds her Contax crooked like I do! Im forever fixing my horizon lines.. next time head to Maui!

Joyce Kang

Beautiful!! Finally get to “meet” her up and close 🙂 I love the colors!

Ashley Goodwin Woods

GIRLFRIEND! I can’t tell you enough how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE these. I mean, way to make a girl feel vain, I have stared at these oh so much. I love them to pieces and appreciate you and your art. You are a great photographer! xo

Jody Savage

wow. is she stunning! i’m so jealous! i want to come out and shoot around! gorgeous location. and gorgeous photos!!!

Blenda Montoro Miller

Awww I can’t wait to meet you girls sometime soon in Oahu! lovely photos and lovely gal!

Valentina Glidden Photography

Ashley looks so good in her element!! Love these!

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