Disneyland Engagement Session | Heather & Freddie

Disneyland Engagement Session

I love a good Disneyland Engagement Session! Heather and Freddie are getting married at the Dana-Powers House in August and I know it will be such a stunning day. Since we all love Disneyland and Disney California Adventure (and are annual passholders!) we decided to do their engagement photos at the parks! I LOVE how this session came out. Shooting at Disneyland can be especially challenging with the crowds but it’s a challenge that I welcome and love!

Disneyland Engagement SessionHeather_Freddie_Eng_101Heather_Freddie_Eng_107Heather_Freddie_Eng_109Heather_Freddie_Eng_082Heather_Freddie_Eng_080Heather_Freddie_Eng_073Heather_Freddie_Eng_095Heather_Freddie_Eng_057Heather_Freddie_Eng_051Heather_Freddie_Eng_048Heather_Freddie_Eng_043Heather_Freddie_Eng_041Heather_Freddie_Eng_036Heather_Freddie_Eng_035Heather_Freddie_Eng_016Heather_Freddie_Eng_013Heather_Freddie_Eng_012Heather_Freddie_Eng_003

Disneyland Engagement Session by Mirelle Carmichael