Andrea & Jason

I have been impressed by Mirelle since the very first time we met her. She was just the sweetest thing and really impressed us with her work and her presentation. From there, it only got better. We had engagement photos done with Mirelle as well as our wedding and every second of working with her was amazing! Her photos are absolutely beautiful!! She really knows what she’s doing. She was the perfect balance between helping us to stay organized, but in no way being bossy or taking over. She really made me feel comfortable all the way through. …. and then we got our photos … WOW!! I mean, we were married at a very pretty venue, but she was able to capture beauty that was so beyond what I could see! Her knowledge of lighting and angles and everything was incredible. And she took some absolutely amazing shots of just the landscape, with no people, that are truly frame-worthy. And then after it all she sent us the most adorable little package, it was just so special! I would recommend Mirelle 100 times over, she is amazing!